Register murder case against CM Amarinder Singh: Bhagwant Mann to Punjab govt

…AAP slams CM for being insensitive to the greatest human tragedy due to spurious liquor

…Resolves not to address CM as ‘Captain’ as he has failed to live up to the expectation of a captain.

Patiala, August 6

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) state  President and Member of Parliament (MP) Bhagwant Mann has demanded that a case of murder be registered against Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, holding him wholly responsible for the loss of 110 precious lives due to spurious liquor in three districts of the Majha area.

Bhagwant Mann on Thursday said at Patiala through a press conference that Chief Minister, who also held Excise and Home portfolio, had been the biggest culprit for such a greatest ever human tragedy and that a murder case be registered against him.

Bhagwant Mann announced that, henceforth  his party would not address the Chief Minister as ‘Captain’, for he had undermined the honour and grace of the post of a ‘Captain’, which was a highly respected position in the Indian Army, saying that  the people of the Punjab had always accorded him respect and honour in the democracy as well.

Mann said Amarinder Singh had forfeited his right to be addressed as Captain as he had not been able to perform his duty as one (Captain) and that he was leading a lavish  lifestyle suiting a king when 110 lives were lost in the state that had sent chill down the spine across the country.

Mann said that AAP had been demanding from day one that murder cases be registered against those responsible for the spurious liquor tragedy leading to the death of 110 people, including CM Amarinder Singh, adding that all kinds of mafias were running for the last 15 years under the protective patronage of the government.

He said that earlier the reigns of the mafia were in the hands of the Badals, which were now in the hands of the Congress MLAs and Ministers and the CM himself. He added that the strings of liquor mafia active in Amritsar, Tarn Taran and Batala (Gurdaspur) areas, connecting with illicit distilleries at Rajpura, Ghanour and Khanna, which indicated how freely the  liquor mafia was calling the shots under the patronage of the Maharani Preneet Kaur. He demanded a time-bound inquiry into the whole matter by a sitting High Court judge or the CBI.

Bhagwant Mann said that if an impartial inquiry was conducted in the right earnest, the involvement of Congress MLAs and ministers from Khadur Sahib, Jandiala, Batala, Rajpura, Ghanour, including the Chief Minister and his coterie would come to the fore, which was why he (Chief Minister) was running away from a CBI or a probe under the watch of a sitting judges of the High Court. Mann alleged that all kinds of mafia, including liquor, was controlled by the who’s who of the ruling party through police stations and civil administrations.

Bhagwant Mann said that if the Congress government really wanted to crush the  mafia in the state, it would do well by setting up a state liquor corporation, thus offering a lot of employment opportunities for a large number of youth on the lines of the Kejriwal government in Delhi and Tamil Nadu.

Others present on the occasion, included Dr. Balbir Singh, Harchand Singh Bursat, Nina Mittal, Gagandeep Singh Chadha, RPS Malhotra, Satbir Singh Bakhshiwala, Dalbir Singh Dhillon, Chetan Jormajra, Tejinder Mehta, Kundan Gogia, Preeti Malhotra and other leaders.

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