Regularly inspect canals and channels to avoid flooding, Ranjit Singh

 Regularly inspect canals and channels to avoid flooding, Ranjit Singh

Chandigarh, July 24 – Haryana Power and New and Renewable Energy, Minister, Mr. Ranjit Singh said that during the monsoon there is a possibility of flooding of the canals and flood channels. In such a situation, the officials should regularly inspect these channels and keep in mind that if any embankment appears weak, it should be repaired immediately so that the situation remains controlled even when there is flooding.

Mr. Ranjit Singh was giving directions to the officers during an inspection of flood channels and canals today. During this time, he inspected the Mallewala Canal, the bridge on Sahuwala-Karmgarh Road, the bridge on Khuiyan-Bhagsar Road, Rattakheda Kharif Channel, Auto Head, and Chamal Head. During the inspection, he also interacted with the farmers and listened to their problems.

Mr. Ranjit Singh also took stock of the under-construction Ghaggar-Bani-Sahadeva-Mammadkheda link channel head and directed the officials to expedite the construction work and complete it within the stipulated time frame. He also took stock of the quality of construction materials. Subsequently, Mr. Ranjit Singh inspected Auto Head and inquired in detail about its capacity and the position of water supply in the canals, and water storage capacity.

While interacting with the farmers during the visit, Mr. Ranjit Singh said that the State Government is making efforts to ensure that the benefit of these schemes is handed down to the last eligible person in line. He said that every problem of the farmer is resolved by the State Government from sowing to harvest. During the lockdown, crop procurement was done in a systematic manner and farmers did not face any kind of difficulties. The payments for crops were also made in time. In addition, the time electricity supply of sowing season was also extended, he added.

During the interaction with the farmers, he also said that it is the vision of the State Government that the canal water reaches the tail and every farmer gets his rightful share of water. Farmers should get good prices for their crops and the goal of doubling their income should also be met, he added. He said that many schemes are being implemented by the State Government in the interest of farmers.

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