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Relief of 30 Thousand Rupees per Hectare Will Be Given for More Than 50% Crop Loss

Relief of 30 Thousand Rupees per Hectare Will Be Given for More Than 50% Crop Loss

January 14

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday inspected the crops damaged due to untimely rains and hailstorm in village Khistone of Prithvipur tehsil of Niwari district and the Chief Minister also reached the fields to see the affected crops. He said that the crops look green from outside, but if you go inside the field and look, there is nothing left. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that wherever crops have been damaged, including Prithvipur in the state, they will be compensated. He directed the officers to get the relief amount paid to the farmers expeditiously. He said that the survey work is nearing completion in Niwari.

After taking stock of the crops in the fields, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, while discussing with the farmers, said, “do not panic we will face the situation together. Don’t bring tears to your eyes. I’ll get you out of trouble. Wherever there is damage due to hailstorm, including Prithvipur in the state, the government will compensate for it. If there is a loss of more than 50 percent of the crop, then for this relief amount will be given at the rate of 30 thousand rupees per hectare”. He said that the benefit of crop insurance would be made available separately. Along with this, the recovery of short term loans will be postponed and short term crop loans will be converted into medium term loans.

Shri Chouhan said that Rs 4 lakh will be given for loss of life, 30 thousand rupees on the death of cow and buffalo and relief amount will also be given for small animals like calf, goat and rooster-hen. Apart from this, if the houses have suffered damage, then the amount will also be given for this.

During the visit to the hailstorm affected farm in village Khistone, he met the woman farmer and instructed the officials to pay Rs 50,000 to the victim woman. He met Smt. Makhan Bai Rajak, a woman farmer of Mabai village of Madiya Halka and said, “There is no need to worry, your brother is the Chief Minister.” He instructed the officers to give an amount of 50 thousand rupees to Makhan Bai.

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