Rumour mongering about vaccine needs to be checked; it is safe & life saving: Dr Shalinder

Terms COVID appropriate behaviour, timely vaccine prerequisite for saving lives
RAJOURI, JUNE 01, 2021: Terming vaccination of CoronaVirus as fully safe and a life-saving procedure, Head of Orthopaedic Department in Government Medical College Rajouri, Dr Shalinder Sharma has appealed every citizen to play a role in this fight against viral infection by following COVID appropriate behavior. He said that rumour mongering about   COVID vaccine needs to be checked as the same can weaken the fight against covid.
 “There are some rumours making rounds about the vaccine, these are being spread by unaware people but there is no logic behind such claims and we all need to keep a check on such misinformation” he said.
Dr Shalinder Sharma said that even his aged parents have had both shots of the COVID vaccine and are now not only risk-free but fully safe and normal.
“I can mention more than one hundred aged, co-morbid people in my relations who have had vaccine without fear and are living their life with confidence” he added
Referring to benefit of the vaccine, Dr Shalinder Sharma said that the COVID vaccine firstly protects us from getting infected from viral infection and even if a vaccinated person gets infected, there is no life-threatening chance for him and illness caused by infection is on the minimal side and symptoms remain on the lighter side.
He said that timely vaccination of all eligible people is a prerequisite for winning the fight against the COVID virus and for this people should be front runners and everyone should come forward for vaccination as and when notified as eligible for it.
He also appealed to intellectuals, religious preachers, civil society members, PRIs and village elders to form special groups at the village level and to assist field functionaries of the health department for pacing vaccination and also to motivate people for vaccination.
Dr .Shalinder Sharma further said that COVID appropriate behaviour that primarily includes regular hand washing, sanitization, use of face masks, avoiding crowded places and social distancing should be a part of our lifestyle and together we can win this fight and make our country COVID free
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