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Sickle cell disease – Symptoms, and Prevention Tips  

Sickle cell illness is a hereditary disorder in which the gene that produces haemoglobin is faulty, resulting in aberrant haemoglobin that precipitates and crystallizes in low oxygen environments, transforming the usual discoid shape of red cells into a sickle-shaped cell, thus the name. When just one gene is affected, the condition is known as heterozygous, and when both genes are impacted, the condition is known as homozygous.

Sickle cell anemia is a hereditary disorder caused by changes in protein molecules in the haemoglobin chain. Red blood cells become hard, sticky, and distorted as a result of the haemoglobin associated with sickle cell anemia. Both the mother and father must contain one copy of the sickle cell gene also known as sickle cell trait and convey both copies of the altered form to the kid in order for the child to be impacted.”

“If just one parent delivers the sickle cell gene to the child, that youngster will get the sickle cell phenotype,” he continued. People with the sickle cell trait have one normal haemoglobin gene and one altered haemoglobin gene, so they may generate both normal and sickle cell haemoglobin.”

Recurrent pain syndrome is one of the most common symptoms.
1. Ulcers in the legs
2. Stroke at a young age
3. Acute coronary syndrome/myocardial infarction in young people
4. Osteomyelitis (bone inflammation)

5. Gallstones

Symptoms of sickle cell disease can be avoided by avoiding marriage between carriers of the gene, whereas sickle cell illness can be prevented by:

1. Make sure you’re getting lots of water.
2. Avoid becoming too hot or too chilly.
3. Try to stay away from places or circumstances where you’ll be exposed to high altitudes (for example, flying, mountain climbing, or cities with a high altitude).
4. Try to stay away from areas or circumstances where there is a lack of oxygen (for example, mountain climbing or exercising extremely hard, such as in military boot camp or when training for an athletic competition).

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