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Start your day with these10 healthy and refreshing drinks


Here are ten drinks and it’s recipes that are good for your health. These drinks should be taken with breakfast as it provides you with instant energy to work for the entire day.

  • Vegetable juice: One of the best options to have a healthier drink for breakfast is extracting fresh vegetable juice. One glass of vegetable juice has multiple health benefits. It has nutrition, calcium and even helps in making the stomach full.
  • Plain hot milk: If you don’t like cold items then you can have a glass of hot milk with your delicious breakfast. You can add turmeric, chocolate or any flavour to your milk.
  • Milkshakes: Banana or strawberry milkshake is proven to be very beneficial for health. Having a milkshake for breakfast gives you energy for the whole day. People working on gaining weight should have a banana shake on a daily basis.
  • Fruit smoothies: The yogurt provides you with protein and minerals, while the fruit provides you with fibre and vitamins. Fruit smoothies make for a low calorie and highly nutritious drink that can be consumed with your breakfast.
  • Fruit juice: Extracting fresh fruit juice in the morning boosts your immunity and even gives you clear skin. Doctors say, fresh fruit juice regulates blood circulation and is herbal treatment for the anaemic patients.
  • Tomato juice: Tomato juice is proven to be healthier for the youngsters as well for old age people.
  • Green tea: Are you on a weight loss diet? Then you must drink green tea twice a day. In the morning add a little amount of ginger or lemon for a light weight breakfast.
  • Ginger tea: If you have runny nose then drink a cup of ginger tea in the morning pairing with a tasty breakfast. Ginger tea refreshes your mind, cure sore throat as well.
  • Coconut water: If you are not a milk lover then drink fresh coconut water in the morning best for fitness.
  • Cucumber mint water: Health conscious person should definitely try the cucumber mint water or smoothie with your morning meal. It is an energy drink as well good for wellness.

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