Stay vigilant from frauds in the name of voter registration: CEO Punjab

 Chandigarh: June 11

 Cautioning voters from frauds on the pretext of voter registration or any amendment, #Punjab Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Karuna Raju today appealed to all the eligible voters of the state that if any eligible person wants to become voter or any amendment in electoral roll, he/she can be obtained the information from website of CEO Punjab in this regard.

 Divulging further, Dr. Raju said that it has come to his notice that some miscreants are indulging to loot the people in the name of amendment in electoral rolls by initiating fake websites and taking Rs.500 for amendment in names and registration. He appealed to the voters of the state that if any eligible voter wants to avail any amendment in electoral rolls or other services related to electoral rolls he can avail it through Common Service Centers set up by the government.

 Rates for these services range from Rs. 1 to Rs. 30 with GST ranging between 12 to 18 per cent.  Details of rates fixed for each service are available on the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Punjab. He also said that BLOs services in this regard are free of cost. Any citizens can go to the Election Commission of India portal http // to register himself as new voter or any amendment in his existing credentials as voter, You can get this service free of cost by filling up an online form in this regard.

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