In the face of technology and artificial intelligence it is scary that our jobs might he replaced by robots in the near future. We might even lose our source of livelihood. However, here are certain jobs with artificial light and technology can never replace-

1. Teachers: It is important for the students to be taught by a living being because technology can not reach that level. A teacher recognizes the abilities of every child individually and guide them accordingly. The vast knowledge possessed by a teacher can not be overpowered by a robot in any case.
2. Detective Supervisors: Nobody can take their place either as they have vast experience and knowledge. They can manually deal with any situation and assist their colleagues. On the other hand a robot is most likely to suggest a similar or repeating solutions for every problem and won’t be able to improvise according to the given situation.
3. Psychiatrist: A robot has never been found to understand human emotions. They might again suggest similar solutions for all human based problems which is not useful. Every individual has different needs and emotions and only a real human can understand them and help with their real life problems.
4. Marriage And Family Therapists: These people give individual advises pertaining to the situation of a couple or a family. This differ from person to person. Technology can never understand how a person feels or what is possible in the real world. AI might suggest things which are unethical and not wise. Nobody can replace humans in this career.
5. Doctors: A human body is complicated to understand and operations can not be performed by robots given the individual problems of every person. Only a living doctor is capable of taking up such tasks.


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