There is nothing like a huge Indian wedding. With the spread of coronavirus in India, a great deal has changed. In any case, the one thing that will constantly be a part of our lives is our weddings. However, several changes were required to make the whole undertaking appropriate for the current circumstances. Also, no, we are not discussing video call weddings, but real-life weddings.

A wedding going on in Mumbai gave us information about how in the hours of coronavirus the weddings would look like. Based on an extravagant wedding arrangement of an organization called OutkariEntertainment, they found ways to revive the couple’s wishes while following the safety rules.

Talking about their marriage, the groom Saurabh Shah said that while not compromising the fun, efforts are being made to conduct marriages with safety procedures. I found a mask that coordinated my sherwani, shawl and turban. This has created ways to adjust to situations, though it is just a start. He said he has to plan new ways as a Wedding Planner to help people adjust to the new scenario. Style modification and rich experience need to be combined while taking care of the virus-said Saurabh Chaudhary, director of Vishwas Entertainment. Given the situation he is trying to find out new ways for conducting marriages.
The pandemic has severely hampered all the areas of our life and bold steps need to be taken if marriages are to happen while keeping in mind the guidelines provided by the Government of India. Safety is a must to stop the spread of the virus on a large scale.

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