Having a solid sexual coexistence is the best achievement you can achieve, because it keeps you healthy. The more inventive your cerebrum is, the better it works, and helps in all spheres of life including your sexual coexistence. So, we have some fetish you must see which are not normal. You can probably try them with your partner or that young lady with whom you are talking on Tinder:

1. Bondage:

Some of us really enjoy it and if you haven’t usually tried it, then what have you really experienced? Bondage basically means being tied up, suspended and ensuring that you cannot move away while your partner is having a good time. This is a coordination between two people mutually. However, it is pleasant only when you really are in it and appreciate being in subjection and don’t find it bad. Why not give it a shot later and figure out on your own?

2. Katoptronophilia:
No doubt, it is not as logical or sensible as it seems. Katoptronophilia originally means being sexually aroused by engaging in sexual relations in front of mirror first! In the event that you are having sex while not looking in the mirror, you are actually missing out on all the good stuff. It is a great and different experience.

3. Exhibitionism:

It is safe to say that you are an exhibitionist? It means you allow someone to watch you while you are having sex with your partner. For this, you need to make sure that the person around you is open to seeing you engage in sexual relationships!


4. Cuckolding:

It’s bizarre but whatever makes you happy is good, isn’t it? Cuckolding or cuckoldry means you allow your partner to watch while you enjoy a sexual performance with another person.

5. Somnophilia:

Basically, in general terms, somnophilia is waking someone up from their comfort and having sexual intercourse with them. It really is another kind of turn on. Something you might want to try with your partner.



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