In today’s time it is believed that losing weight is easier than gaining some and it is true to some extent. People face several problems when they try to gain weight without any proper results. Eating more is not the only key for gaining weight because it depends what you are eating. It is essential to eat a healthy diet and workout properly to spread the gain equally throughout the body. The goal is mostly to gain muscle and not fat. Here are some tips to help you gain weight faster:

1. Healthy Diet: No! You are not supposed to eat junk food in order to gain weight faster. It is merely a myth. You need to eat a diet packed with proteins and carbs so that they can increase the body mass enhancing  our muscles. Consume two eggs on daily basis.
2. Workout Daily: If you really want to gain weight, eating alone won’t help. You need to exercise properly so that the muscles can tear and while healing they grow. Going to the gym could also be a good idea. Make sure you eat a proper diet or consume protein shake to recover after the workout.
3. Consume More Protein: it is important to include protein in your everyday diet which you can easily get from pulses and eggs. They are the building blocks of muscles and your body is going to need protein on a daily basis if you intend on increasing the body weight.
4. Dietary Supplements: There are a number of supplements available in the market like protein shakes and bars to help you gain faster. However you need to consult your doctor before consuming them because they can tell best what is good for you and your body.





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