Sex and intimacy form the core of every relationship. However, it is unpredictable what one would enjoy in bedbut it is essential to figure it out for a successful sex life. It is not difficult to satisfy women like people often say. It just requires the right effort. Keeping the stereotypes of the society aside, women too have sexual desires and want to be satisfied. Thus, here are some tips to help you satisfy your girl in bed:


1.Imbibing Knowledge: It is important to first figure out what women exactly want in bed. You should search about it over the internet or go over some books. Once you have the theoretical knowledge, you would be ready to do a practical in real life.

2.Talking To Your Girl: The best way to satisfy her is by asking her what she actually wants. You may find out that there are certain things you’ve been doing wrong and which are unsatisfactory for her. She might be more comfortable with the idea of sex once she knows you both are clear about it.

3.Appreciating Her Body: Women are self conscious and care a lot about the way they look. It is important that you make her feel good about her body. It is something that would actually make her happy. Whenever you get a chance appreciate her body and tell her how beautiful she is.

4.Girls Love Cuddles After Sex: Once you both are satisfied it’s time to cuddle. Do not look away and sleep right after sex as that is something really rude. Tell heryou love her, take her in your arms and sleep after gossiping with her. No girl loves anything more than that. They would feel more loved and valued if you treat them right.

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