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Wearing regular high heels can invite these health problems for women


According to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), wearing high heels for long hours in daily routine can cause harm and massive damage to the bones, and even leads to arthritis disease.

As there are variants in the heels, wearing stilettos or pencil heels might make a woman look beautiful and fashionable but it can have a hostile effect on health, which may lead to major health hazards.

The reason behind it is high heels cause unequal weight distribution on the foot bones, and the weight is borne by the joints. Wearing heels for long hours can not only result in painful foot conditions, but it also generates pressure on knees and toes.

If you are wearing heels for long hours, daily, you can invite these troubles:

  • Toe Injuries- Shoes designed in pointed face cause harm to adjust toe into V shape, causing foot deformities such as hammertoes, bunions, ingrown toenails.
  • Posture error- Wearing heels change the way you walk, stand and carry your weight. Although all this affects your posture mechanism and places stress on your knees, hips, and lower back causing pain and severe complications.
  • Sprained ankles- Most of the women get their ankle twisted due to the heels as inside the shoe, foot is in an awkward or discomfort position which makes it difficult to walk properly and in sudden you get imbalance and get a sprain in your ankle.
  • Lower back pain- As your weight is borne by the lower back so wearing heels daily lead to the back ache which further can take the root of chronic diseases if not treated on time.

Here are some easy ways to prevent damage:

  • Pick heels sensibly- If you are habitual of wearing heels or your profession code includes heels then choose a design and 1-2 inches heel only, as it will not cause harm.
  • Keep comfortable shoes with you- If you feel that you have to walk or climb stairs for long then switch to flats rather than heels and try to refrain from wearing them unless you have to.
  • Stretching- Doctors suggest that if you are wearing heels frequently then you should perform regular yoga which improves your range of motion and works on your toe balance. Even if you have foot pain or back pain, working on your flexibility can reduce pain and lengthen out your body.
  • Size check- Before buying heels or any footwear, pick your correct size. Because one size smaller will make you feel tighter and uncomfortable in walking, in parallel, one size bigger will be loose, your feet may come out and there is risk of slipping.


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