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Chandigarh January 12, 2022,

The Centre for Social Work, Panjab University, Chandigarh has organised a Webinar with on the title “THE POWER OF YOUTH BUILD A BETTER TOMMORROW FOR ALL LIVING BEINGS” to mark the National Youth Day. The speaker on the said occasion was Abhishek Talukdar, State Co-ordinator, Meat Reduction , West Bengal from “Human Society International/ India” (an International NGO).

Abhishek Talukdar started his interaction with the work being done by his organisation in various countries in the field of animal welfare. He shared that the organisation  continue to push the incremental but steady shift in people’s mindsets to increased awareness of welfare issues, better-informed consumer choices and support both for initiatives providing relief to animals and laws mandating their protection He shared, how animal welfare can play a vital role to achieve the sustainable goals. He also highlighted that how individual contribution can help for a sustainable world for all the living beings by just having alternative food options than meat. The availability of Vegan food is also there in the market these days. He also shared the different ways of applying internships and pursuing field work in different animal welfare agencies all across the world, as Social Work students have to do a hands on training programme in their course.

Gaurav Gaur, Chairperson highlighted the work done in collaboration with HSI/India in the previous years and how their students were engaged through field work and Internship training programmes in the field of animal welfare.

The Students of Social Work have also cleared their queries regarding the animal welfare and how they can contribute as a professional social worker for the animal welfare. The session was quite interactive, as students had asked different questions from the speaker. Himani Pant, student MSW gave a formal introduction about the guest speaker and Harsimrat Kaur, student, MSW proposed the vote of thanks to all dignitaries in the session


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