Intimacy forms the basis of every relationship. A guy and a girl gets closer to each other when they indulge in sexual activity which is ultimately believed to enhance a relationship. However, it is not always comfortable for the other person to indulge in sex and you might want to refrain from it under certain conditions. Here are enlisted some similar conditions:


1.Comfort Should Be The Priority: No doubt sex is enjoyable for both the partners but there could be a possibility that your partner is not feeling comfortable and don’t want to sleep with you. That is okay. You should allow your partner to do what they like and never force them to have sex with you. Their comfort should always be given priority.

2.When You Have The Chance Of Being Intimate With A Stranger: It could be thrilling to have sex with a complete stranger given that it is not something you do on a daily basis. However, it is not the right thing to do either morally or otherwise. You might contract some harmful STD from them and it won’t be worth it. Thus, it is best to not indulge in something like this no matter how desperate you feel.

3.Protection Is A Must: Even if you are having sex with your permanent sexual partner it is extremely important to use protection. It will always protect you from unwanted sexually transmitted diseases which can be deadly at times. Therefore, don’t forget to use protection the next time.

4.Do Not Force It: On a particular day your partner might just not feel himself or herself being completely indulged in sexual activities with you because they could have had a long day. That is why never force them when they are not in the mood.



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