If you think the words are ‘mere words’, then you obviously won’t read the best erotica or erotic short stories and quotes. In just a few lines or paragraphs, some of these words are written together that can excite you and set your libido spiralling. So, if you missed some sex or needed to set the mood right for an unforgettable date (or sex), then these erotic short stories might just be the inspiration you need to get the ball rolling (the intended purpose).


Moaning In Bed For The First Time:

She let his fingers move over her body. When his tongue did the same she made his first moan.


Love = Food

When he was hungry, he soon put his breakfast on the table. The first time he tasted it and swallowed it, then hestarted to moan loudly.


My Favourite Kiss:

I kissed her, but she didn’t kiss me back. It was strange that she still enjoyed and moaning and biting his lips tightening her toes. I started kissing her slowly and she was wet.


She Loved The Pain:

While I was inside her, she grabbed my hand to hold her neck vigorously and made herself my sex slave.


My Favourite Place After Coming Home:

I took off my shoes, went to my bedroom, found that someone is sitting on the bed with legs spread and tied to the bed with the help of handcuffs. My food was waiting for me.

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