Government’s decision denying operations to Covid patients anti-people: AAP

…Govt should reverse decision sooner than later: Principal Budhram

Chandigarh, August 5

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) State Core Committee Chairman and MLA Principal Budhram on Wednesday said the Punjab government was initiating anti-people decisions, one after another, which had exposed the true anti-people face of the ruling Congress party.

In a statement from party headquarters, Principal Budhram said the decision of the state health department not to conduct operation on Covid patients for 15 days in view of the fast burgeoning numbers of cases, terming it as anti-people. He said that in Punjab 10 operations were already performed every day at district level and two-to-five at subdivision level hospitals at affordable fees.

He alleged that once the decision was implemented, the common people who were already battling acute economic  hardship due to Corona pandemic would be left to fend for themselves forced to undergo expensive treatment/ operations at private hospitals.

Principal Budhram urged the government should immediately review and reverse its anti-people decision, adding that the surgeons there saw any sense in stopping the conduct of operations.

The AAP leader said that, instead of forcing the general public to get themselves treated at private hospitals, the government should continue the process of operations as earlier, thus saving the general public from being fleeced.

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