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PU Senate authorises Vice Chancellor to fix the Syndicate election dates and constituting various committees

Chandigarh January 8, 2022

Panjab University (PU) Senate today authorised PU Vice Chancellor Prof. Raj Kumar to constitute various committees under the purview of Senate and finalise the dates for the election of the Syndicate. The same would be finalized as per the due procedure.


PU Senate, in its meeting held today, after a gap of 2 years, ratified all the actions taken and orders passed by the Vice Chancellor during this period. The Senate also authorised Vice Chancellor to fix the dates for the allotment of Faculties, election of Members of Syndicate, Aided Members and Deans etc.


It may be recalled that the PU Syndicate could not be constituted for the last two years, which has led to pendency of some important decisions including the PU Budget and the Board of Finance.


PU Senate approved all the decisions taken by the Vice Chancellor in anticipation of the approval of Syndicate and Senate during the pandemic, when no such governing bodies were in place and Vice Chancellor had to take decisions in the best interests of university by using his emergency powers as per the provisions of PU Calendar. The efforts of Vice Chancellor to run the university in a professional manner were also lauded by PU Fellows.


PU Senate approved the new fee structure and charges for NRI students of M.Sc. Forensic Science & Criminology. The NRI students will be charged 2,860 US dollar per annum as tuition fees and development funds, which will be at par with the Department of Microbiology and Department of Biochemistry.


PU Senate also approved the recommendations of the Board of Finance meeting held on January 7, 2020.


The Senate discussed, deliberated and approved nine agenda items put up for the consideration. PU Senate authorised the PU Vice Chancellor to give a hearing to the Dental faculty members with regard to the promotion policy of faculty in Dental Institute.


PU Senate decided to defer one agenda item regarding the amendment in Regulation 3 of the PU Calendar Vol. 1 2007. PU Senate also ratified the 38 agenda items put up for ratification.


The meeting started at 11:00 a.m. with the formal welcome by PU Vice Chancellor to all the members of the Senate. The meeting concluded at 5:15 p.m. wherein almost all the PU fellows participated and shared their views. The members were encouraged to highlight important issues during the zero hour, which lasted for almost 2 hours.


PU Alumnus Nobel Laureate Hargobind Khorana whose birth centenary day is tomorrow was also discussed in the PU Senate Meeting today. PU VC will be putting efforts to get a commemorative Stamp on Hargobind Khorana released from the Post Master General of Chandigarh.


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