Flirting can be a Herculean task at times especially when you are not good at it. It requires a lot of efforts to woo certain zodiac signs while it’s considerably easy to get the others. Sun sign plays a major role in determining the behaviour of a person. In case you know the sun sign of a person you are in love with, here’s how you can win them over to your side:


1. Aeries They prefer brains over anything else. This sun sign like lovers who are bold and can express what they desire. They are considered to be great sex partners and love talking.
2. Tauras: A person with this sunsign is regarded very shy. They take their own leisure time to open up and be vulnerable to someone. They want to fall in love with their partner before being intimate.
3. Gemini: They love creative minds. If you are intellectual and witty you are likely to gain their attention as well as affection.
4. Cancer: This is the hardest zodiac sign to please. They are old skool and prefer things like a romantic date under the stars or a self cooked meal. They love getting pampered and caressed. You should take it slow at first until they are finally ready for sex.
5. Leo: are egoistic in a good way. They would never compromise their self worth for anyone. Yet if somebody loves them with a whole heart they would give back more in return to that person. Thus, you need to proceed cautiously and be polite.
6. Virgo: They are obsessed with cleanliness and won’t be ready to get intimate unless they are sure that everything around them is properly organized. If they are not ready ask them what changes you can make in the surroundings for them.


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