4 Ayurveda solutions for relief from fever

In the realm of Ayurveda, fever is referred to as Jwara roga, a state where the body’s temperature surpasses its normal range, disrupting regular bodily functions. Typical symptoms of fever encompass chills, muscle discomfort, a sore throat, diminished appetite, headaches, and an elevated body temperature.

Ayurveda maintains that fevers arise from imbalances in the body’s doshas. To mitigate illnesses and maintain well-being, Ayurvedic principles advocate addressing the underlying cause through natural means.

  • Neem leaf-infused warm baths: Boil neem leaves in water, strain the liquid, and add it to your bathwater. Neem’s antipyretic properties aid in fever reduction, while its antimicrobial attributes facilitate healing.
  • Raisin decoction: Soak raisins in water overnight, then crush them into a paste the next morning. Dilute this paste with water and ingest it to alleviate fever. Raisins assist in cooling the body and enhancing immunity.
  • Sandalwood paste: Create a paste using sandalwood powder and water, applying it to the forehead. Sandalwood’s cooling qualities can effectively lower body temperature and provide relief from fever.
  • Steam inhalation with mint leaves: Inhale steam infused with mint leaves soaked in hot water. Mint’s cooling properties aid in reducing body temperature and alleviating congestion associated with fever.

It’s crucial to recognize that while Ayurvedic treatments offer holistic approaches, individual responses may vary. Before incorporating any new treatments or supplements, particularly if you’re on medication or have existing medical conditions, consulting a qualified healthcare professional is advisable.

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