5 best protein-rich foods for faster recovery post workout

After working out, there’s a spike in mood and energy, but there’s also soreness and stiffness in the muscles from microscopic tears and inflammation from the stress on them. This improves the muscles’ strength and endurance and is a necessary step in the process of muscular adaptation. Sufficient sleep and a healthy diet can accelerate muscle recovery.

Enjoy these 5 foods to aid in muscle recovery and strength building to avoid being hindered by painful and stiff muscles after working out.

1. Daals: Packed with plant-based protein, these foods aid in the post-workout rebuilding and strengthening of your muscles.

2. Tofu: Packed with vital amino acids, this protein powerhouse is your muscles’ finest ally. This is a great snack to have after a workout if you are vegan.

3. Quinoa: More than simply a grain, quinoa is a complete protein source that provides vital nutrients and promotes muscle growth and repair. There’s no shortage of delectable ways to use this wonder grain.

4. Homemade Curd: Packed with gut-friendly bacteria, it helps with digestion and makes sure your body gets the nutrients that build muscle.

5. Paneer: Packed with calcium and protein, this superfood works double duty to support strong bones and healthy muscles.

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