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All you should know about Diarrhea in children

When a child is ill, parents frequently become very worried. Children under the age of five frequently get diarrhea. Diarrhea is the abrupt onset of loose, watery, and frequent bowel motions in children. Most children occasionally have diarrhea. It typically doesn’t persist long and gets better on its own most of the time. The body uses diarrhea to get rid of pathogens, and most bouts range from a few days to a week. Fever, nauseousness, vomiting, cramping, dehydration, and even rashes can accompany diarrhea.
It’s crucial that you, as a parent, maintain your composure and provide your child with the greatest care possible in order for them to recover quickly.

Young children frequently have diarrhea. Viral infections are the main cause of diarrhea. But it may also result from:


• Parasites

• Dietary changes, such as consuming excessive fruit juice

• Digestive issues, such as food allergies

• A few medicines

How to lower your children’s risk of diarrhea:

• Breastfeeding your child can provide immunity from numerous infections in the form of passive antibodies.

• Better hand hygiene, such as routine soap washing or the use of hand sanitizer.

• Refrain from giving your kids things that may be contaminated or spoilt from being left out for too long, such as raw (or unpasteurized) milk products.

• Refraining from overusing antibiotics, which disturb the balance of good gut microorganisms.

• Reducing consumption of juice and beverages with added sugar.

• Ensuring that your children received the rotavirus vaccine, which guards against the most frequent cause of vomiting and diarrhea in young children.

Children who have diarrhea may also have a fever and vomit. Preventing dehydration is crucial in the treatment of diarrhea.

• Keep on nursing your child as usual.

• For mild diarrhea, offer older children lots of fluids (water, broth, or soup). Rehydrate them with Pedialyte if they have moderate to severe diarrhea.

• After a few days, most cases of diarrhea go away on their own, but if your child doesn’t seem to be getting better, call your pediatrician.

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