In today’s world there are innumerable opportunities for youngsters out there to choose from. There are so many career options available. One can practice anything they wish to. However, some jobs are not well paid and we regret securing it in the first place. While there are some jobs which can offer high packages. Here are some top paid jobs in India that are a luring opportunity for youngsters:

1. Doctors or Medical Professionals: The package of a doctor varies from 6 lakh to 11 lakh a year. Given the situation of pandemic the importance of doctors is increasing more and more everyday. Doctor is one person to whom you would go to in every now and while because everybody falls sick or needs a routine check up. This profession would remain evergreen.
2. Lawyer Or Legal Experts: Their annual package varies from 4.8 lakh to 17 lakh which is a huge amount. Legal advise and lawyers are experts in legal matters. Even a property deal requires the presence of the lawyer. Thus, their demand is increasing day by day which leads to a hike in their income.
3. Business Analysts: Their package is around 3.5 to 15 lakh every year as they are in high demand by the great businessmen of India who are believed to possess most the wealth. You will get paid to find out data that could help in business which requires a lot of creativity.
4. Charted Accountants: Another profession which youngsters mostly choose is that of a chartedaccountant as the salary package goes up to 50L per annum. They are considered to be the backbone of our economy and help with financial crisis of every type. They deal with tax and other financial issues. Without them our economy would be a mess.

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