In the present situation, with the pandemic going on, we are all afraid of even a common viral and it is quite obvious. Covid-19 too has symptoms of a common flu and cold. However, no doubt you could only be having a common cold. Here are some remedies which can help you heal quick at home as the weather change is leading to spread of viral fever.

1. Steam: Nobody likes a stuffy nose as you run short of breath and it could be extremely annoying. A simple cure for a stuffy nose is steam. You could heat some water in a bowl or take steam while bathing. Adding some essential oils for cold to the water can help you relax more and make you feel better.
2. Honey: is the ultimate remedy for excessive cough. If you have been coughing all day, make sure to heat some honey at night and add a pinch of ginger to it. The next morning, you would notice that your throat feel smooth and you are coughing less than earlier.
3. Liquids: It is essential to drink plenty of liquids when you are suffering from cold and cough. It would help ease the throat and flush out the virus from the body system. Drink water often. You can also consume stew and soup to help ease the throat.
4. Gargles: Even when you visit a doctor, they would recommend you to gargle at least twice a day. You can use warm to lukewarm water and add a pinch of salt to it. The salt is believed to have soothing properties.
5. Turmeric Milk: has been used ever since as it has proven to be effective. It works best when consumed before sleeping. Turmeric has great healing properties and is also anti-bacterial in nature.


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