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Special Campaign in Urban Bodies to Give Benefit of Compounding in Building Permission from January 15th to 31st

Special Campaign in Urban Bodies to Give Benefit of Compounding in Building Permission from January 15th to 31st
January 14

A special campaign will be launched in urban bodies from January 15 to 31 to provide the benefit of compounding to the citizens in cases of building permissions. It is noteworthy that the Urban Development and Housing Minister Shri Bhupendra Singh had instructed to run a special campaign to ensure that the citizens get the benefit of increasing the limit of compounding to 30 percent by the government. Shri Singh has appealed to the citizens to take advantage of the 20 percent exemption in the compounding fee if they apply by February 28, 2022.

Commissioner Urban Administration and Development Shri Nikunj Kumar Srivastava has informed that citizens are taking advantage of this facility of government. Due to this, an amount of more than 62 crores has been received so far by the urban bodies in the form of compounding fee. He said that in type-1 (building more than building permission) type of cases, online applications of the building owners are required and the compounding fee is deposited by the applicant by doing self-assessment. In this remarkable work has been done by Indore Municipal Corporation. Good efforts have also been made by Bhopal Municipal Corporation in this direction.

The progress of compounding by urban bodies in Type-2 (construction without building permission) type of cases is very less. Whereas there is clear participation of bodies in such matters and these issues are prepared by the body itself. In this, instructions have been given to the concerned urban bodies to take prompt action as the remarkable work is not being done.

The 20 percent relaxation in compounding fee will be applicable only on the cases applied till 28 February 2022. Therefore, all the urban bodies have been directed that by 31 January 2022, by running a special campaign, more and more building owners should be encouraged to get the benefit of exemption in compounding fee through posters, advertisement notices etc. Along with this, make sure to complete the process of mitigation of Type-2 (construction without building permission) cases available in the body by the stipulated date so that even in such cases the building owners can get the benefit of exemption.

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