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5 amazing tips to get rid of obesity 


Obesity is a condition in which the body stores an excessive quantity of fat. Aside from being an aesthetic issue, it can also lead to various health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and, in certain circumstances, cancer. Obesity and overweight are significant issues in developing countries like ours, and they are expected to rapidly increase over time.

Consume nutritious foods: According to Sudarshan, foods high in refined carbs, sugar, and deep-fried foods should be avoided. He also recommended eating more green leafy vegetables to give the body the nutrients it needs.

Exercise: A minimum of 45 minutes should be set aside each day for physical activity. “Exercise tones your muscles and helps you lose tummy fat,” Sudarshan noted that combining cardio and weight training routines is an excellent way to lose weight.

Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol: Both smoking and consuming alcohol have serious health consequences. Smoking adds to the previously existing difficulties associated with obesity, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, by directly affecting the liver.

7-8 hours of sleep: In order to achieve metabolic balance and perform efficiently on a daily basis, our bodies require appropriate rest and sleep.

Stress causes binge eating, so avoid it. Sudarshan suggested that people look into different techniques of dealing with stress, such as meditation and yoga.

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