5 incredible advantages of Sudarshan Kriya

Few people actually comprehend what Sudarshan Kriya is and how it specifically benefits our bodies, despite the fact that most people view it as an illusive health enhancer. Our physical, mental, emotional, and psychological wellness are all improved by Sudarshan Kriya. It is a comprehensive healing technique that one would suggest to someone who was experiencing severe bodily or mental distress. Because of this, we discovered various studies on the topic that were done on post-traumatic stress disorder patients, middle-aged and elderly people, and inmates. Nevertheless, those who are in generally good bodily and mental condition and come from many areas of life can benefit much from this practice.

Sudarshan Kriya has five incredible advantages, including:

1. Aids in treating heart diseases

Numerous studies have demonstrated that Sudarshan Kriya improves heart rate, particularly through synchronizing breathing and heart rate (respiratory sinus arrhythmia). Thus, this procedure aids in the body’s blood circulation, promotes an active lifestyle, and shields against a number of heart illnesses.

2. Improves Lung Function

The slow and quick breathing exercises, particularly those used in Ujjayi and Bhastrika Pranayam, slow down your breathing rate and raise it to an ideal level. As a result, you’ll be less prone to experience panting or breathlessness and will therefore generally feel more composed and effective. Additionally, this exercise can be utilized in conjunction with other treatments for obstructive airway problems like asthma. One is likely to lead a holistically healthy lifestyle with better heart and respiratory health.

3. Could Promote Better Hearing

An improvement in hearing ability was seen in the Sudarshan Kriya practice group compared to the control group in a research on a group of 70 middle-aged persons. Many experts think that this advantage is related to the “om” chanting that occurs during the practice.

4. Enhances Antioxidant Status

A person can strengthen their ability to recover from the consequences of free radical damage and the stresses of daily life by regularly practicing Sudarshan Kriya. This is so because the practice increases the body’s production of antioxidants. In addition, the technique is advantageous since it lowers the body’s blood lactate levels. Consequently, it would be accurate to claim that the practice can help you live a longer, higher-quality life.

5. Stimulates the Body’s Chakras

According to rumor and anecdotal evidence, Sudarshan Kriya is a potent yoga technique that stimulates and balances all seven chakras, or energy centres, in the body. This aids in curing a variety of physical and mental afflictions.

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