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7 amazing health benefits of brown rice that you should definitely know!


Brown rice specifically contains whole grains. As it is said the less processed the grain, the more nutrients you obtain. But unfortunately Indians still prefer to eat white rice which is more processed and contains less nutrition.

Health Benefits our body gets from the brown rice are: 

  • There are two layers of brown rice named bran and germ which are enriched with enormous amounts of vitamins and minerals in the grain. When these two layers get processed by the manufacturers then it becomes the white rice that is why it is said that brown rice is the healthier choice.
  • Firstly, it lowers down the Diabetes as per the studies recommended that the brown rice has abundant phytic acid, fibers and complex carbohydrates which slow down the release of sugar levels. On the other hand, Brown rice has magnesium and calcium in excess that keeps bones healthy and strong.
  • Cholesterol level gets slowed down due to the oil that exists in brown rice. It lowers down the bad cholesterol. The fiber in the brown rice connects the cholesterol in the digestive system and improves excretion.
  • Brown rice also regulates bowel movements and makes digestion easy due to its high level fiber content.
  • Its benefits are large which also include lowering the risk of developing metabolic syndrome because many studies suggest that eating cereals are favorable for health.
  • Brown rice curbs the blockage of arteries. It contains one ingredient known as selenium which is good for health. It prevents heart-related ailments.
  • Brown rice is good for weight loss due to its high fiber content which keeps the stomach full for a longer duration and avoids the cravings of snacks. No doubt that when your stomach is fuller it boosts the energy as the carbohydrates and proteins form into the energy by which you can do your work all day.


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