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Here’s why prolonged sitting hours harmful to one’s health


According to a new study participants for an average of 11 years, it was shown that long periods of sitting were linked to an increased risk of death and cardiovascular disease. Sitting was an issue in all countries, but it was especially significant in low- and lower-middle-income ones.

According to the study, persons who sat the most but were not very physically active had the highest risk – up to 50% – while those who sat the most but were physically active had a far lower risk of approximately 17%.

“For individuals who sat for more than four hours each day, replacing a half-hour of sitting with practice reduced the risk by 2%,” Lear said.

“With just one out of every four Canadians achieving the movement’s criteria,” he continued, “there’s a true open door here for individuals to build their action and reduce their chances of early death and heart disease.”

Because sitting in higher-income countries is typically associated with higher socioeconomic status and better-paying jobs, the study found a specific relationship in lower-income countries, leading researchers to speculate that it could be because sitting in higher-income countries is typically associated with higher socioeconomic status and better-paying jobs.

Clinicians should focus on taking more action rather than sitting, as a low-cost mediation can have significant benefits. However, while professionals must hear the message that sitting must be countered with action, consumers must be more willing to reassess their lifestyles and take their health seriously.

The research emphasized the roles that governments, employers, workers and health services at workplaces should play in enhancing and safeguarding their health while teleworking.

Covid-19 pandemic has a surge of teleworking, firmly changing the nature of work practically overnight for many workers, said Director, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health, World Health Organization. Around two years after the start of the pandemic, it proved very clear that the outcomes of teleworking can be positive. The thing to be kept in mind should be whether the policies benefit both workers and the work.

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