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8 health benefits of soya chunks that you must know


The origin of soya chunks is from textured vegetable protein or textured soy protein and is counted as one of the favorite sources of protein for vegetarian people.

nutritional value:
100 gram of Soya Chunk comprises 345 cal, 52-gram protein, 33-gram carbohydrates, 13-gram fibre, 0.50-gram fats, 350 MG calcium, and 20 MG iron.
Soya chunks are a healthy substitute for meat or chicken:
In a hundred grams of serving, there are 52 grams of protein in it which is loaded with a healthy source of protein and an excellent alternative to chicken and meat.
Facilitates heart health:
Soya chunks are good for lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and preventing numerous heart-related ailments.
Aids weight loss:
Soya chunks contain the fibre content that keeps hunger at bay. It also has an extraordinary source of plant-based protein that strengthens metabolism and boosts one to lose weight without losing muscle.
Assist with menopausal symptoms:
soya chunks are loaded with isoflavones, it’s a type of phytoestrogen and is believed to work like oestrogen that is out symptoms of menopause.
Regulates hormonal imbalance:
Having an abundance of phytoestrogen that imitates estrogen and regulates the menstrual cycle in women.
Enhanced digestion:
Consumption of soya chunks can raise the levels of bifidobacteria and LactoBacilli in the gut, thus strengthening gut health.
Contains Anti-Inflammatory properties:
Research recommends the efficacy of soya chunks in decreasing inflammation in osteoarthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
Regulate blood sugar levels:
Soybean is prosperous in bioactive compounds known as isoflavones which are compounds accountable for lessening the risk of diabetes and improving tolerance of glucose.
Strengthen bones:
The impressive levels of zinc, copper magnesium and calcium in soya chunks support keeping the bones strong and healthy.
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